13 December 2010

The Vikings are snowed out.

Daniel Kaplan from The Vikings head office took this terrific photo of the Metrodome from his office!

I must say that the Minnesota Vikings have gone soft in more ways than one. What happened to old days of Bloomington Stadium when the Vike's would play on their own version of the "frozen tundra"? Hell even the fan base has gone soft, they can't sit outside either.  

Gunnar very dissapointed in the intestinal fortitued of your fellow Norsmen.  Also from an architectural perspective it seams to me no one has learned any lessons from the Kansas City Disaster.

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  1. I cannot speak for the entire Norse Nation. All I can say for certain is that I've gone very soft. I'm not a big fan. I've only gone to one Viking game in my life and that was at Bloomington. I got free tickets from Jim Langer and he was too big to offend. I've never been to the Dome.