15 December 2010

BMC "Sled"

If we were in the 06 econ at this moment I would bust out the benjamins for this Rocket ship.  Being of Swiss extraction the whole ethos of engineering of this frame is fabulous.  It looks fast standing still.


  1. Why, why...it's...it's...ah....the Anti-McLean!!!!
    Or...the Anti-Chris. Them there advertising graphics make 'er look fast don't they? Like ridin' a plastic billboard. This.is.a.fit.young man's bicycle!

  2. You asked for Carbon this is it. Re the fit young man stuff. I can still get there buckwheat. Wait till RAGBRAI. I'll blow the decals right of the frame.

  3. The seat stays are in the wrong place. I am sure it rides nice. I still need to build my Rocky Mountain Vertex Team RSL carbon fiber wunder bike. Still in pieces in New Mexico.