15 December 2010


Well it has been nine month since we brought home Roxy from the pound.  the second of our rescue pets, I'll give you the poop on Burleigh the Cat later.

This dog is the coolest thing since sliced bread.  That goes to the question why do people give these animals up.  Right now in todays econ, I'll bet money is the reason.

If you are looking for one I submit  that a rescue pet is the way to go.  Roxy has given the clan at the house unconditional love in so many ways and has gotten my stress level down when I most needed it.  Anyway a great Cairn Terrier she is and glad we got her.


  1. Thumbs up to indoor dogs. It was a riot having two Pugs, but I probably won't replace Bud when he goes to dog blogger heaven. At least for a while.

    I can live without cats. Some people can't.

  2. That's a good looking dog.

    Both ours are rescues.