03 December 2010

Race To Nowhere

I went to see this movie last night.  A rivoting yet provocative film.  It says volumes about what we are doing wrong in our education system,  but also gave me insight on a macro level why our country seams to be in dire straights.  I highly recommend everyone see this movie whether you have children or not.  If your school system has not set up a screening at your local theather get it done.



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  1. Lets hope it's a wake-up call. Lorna has strong thoughts on education, tenure, teachers and administrators, to say nothing of federal mandates, politicians who are continually stirring in things they know nothing about. She may be crazy, but what she does works. Nobody hassles her because she consistently beats everyone in the district in improved end of the year scores, which is her own personal benchmark, not No Child, etc. But man she puts in a lot of hours. Until this next Spring. ;-)