16 May 2012

S S Stewart (Cir. 1893)

As some of you know I am a part time practitioner of the plectrum ( 5 string Banjo).  Well in the last weeks while surfing Craigs list I found one the holy grails of 1800's parlor music and the precursor to bluegrass.  The SS Stewart is also the grandfather to well known Gibson banjo played by the now deceased Earl Scruggs.  This instrument was in fair condition and was purchased for a song.  I have torn it all apart and the Chrome on the pot has been cleaned rather nicely for its age.  I am building it to spec so we shall see how it goes.  One thing very unique about these gray ol' ladies is that they are strung with gut not like the modern banjos of today that have steel strings.  It will be very interesting to here how she sounds.  The first photo is a before shot, someone got very active with red paint.  Enjoy.

27 April 2012

THE Gabus Growlery

The Semi outdoor Growlery has commenced!  More updates and photos to follow.  Thanks to Neil "Gunnar " Berg for the inspiration!

23 April 2012

13 April 2012

$35 Day

Well today was very interesting to say the least.  Upon arrival to dump all of my "junk" to my neighbors Charity garage sale the bike gods were in align.  

As I walked in the Garage here is THIS Peugeot with a $35 price tag stuck on it.  I almost fell over.  Well boy and girls it is in the Gabus house hold as we speak.

Ok now what year is it and is it a PY or a PX. Only the Francophiles know.  Those on the list let me know.

10 April 2012

DIY Cleats

After a couple of requests about shooting pics of my DIY cleats here you go.  Once I got my fanny in gear this only took about an hour.  Since I am part time carpenter and helping hands at home fixer better known as "honey do's" I had all available tools. Just go down to hardware store and buy a cutting board a get going.  First take your old cleat and use it as a template. Then take the shaper and shave down the front end so you can slide the cleat on to the pedal.  Drill and counter sink your holes for mounting to the shoe and cut the groove so that the cleat can saddle on to  the pedal.  Do not, I repeat do not cut the saddle groove to deep (less than half way) or the cleat will spit in two.  Any way if you have questions or comments just load them on the blog and I will get back to you. They work pretty good and you can like doritos "always make more"

02 April 2012

75' Moulton (M 578)

As some of you know I think Dave Moulton in one of the finest frame builders in our time.  One great thing is he still living and riding.  I have managed to locate and purchase on of his oldest frames.  Serial # M 578.  David started building frames under his own name in 1975.  That makes this frame number 78 of that year.  I have collected a number frames and I think this is one of the best.  

I can't wait to build this up and see how she rides.  The Maiden voyage should be very interesting.

19 March 2012

The Road to Foxen hell!

After 80 miles you have approached Zaca Mesa winery on a false flat and you are almost whipped.  Well as you see the riders in the distance they are about to ride into hell.  This is Foxen Canyon in the Santa Inez valley in Central CA. At the end of this road is a 1500 ft climb and it seems to be straight up that is the good news, because 6 miles beyond this is another 1000 ft climb.  That is the signature of the Solvang Century.  It was one of my best rides in a long time and I did it on a Mclean with a 42 front ring and 21 tooth rear block.  That is how I conquered the the road to "Foxen Hell".