16 May 2012

S S Stewart (Cir. 1893)

As some of you know I am a part time practitioner of the plectrum ( 5 string Banjo).  Well in the last weeks while surfing Craigs list I found one the holy grails of 1800's parlor music and the precursor to bluegrass.  The SS Stewart is also the grandfather to well known Gibson banjo played by the now deceased Earl Scruggs.  This instrument was in fair condition and was purchased for a song.  I have torn it all apart and the Chrome on the pot has been cleaned rather nicely for its age.  I am building it to spec so we shall see how it goes.  One thing very unique about these gray ol' ladies is that they are strung with gut not like the modern banjos of today that have steel strings.  It will be very interesting to here how she sounds.  The first photo is a before shot, someone got very active with red paint.  Enjoy.

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