29 April 2011

Banner Sluts

Geez a two post day.  I saw this on Barin's FB, don't get me wrong some ink on people is pretty cool but on banner sluts this is a totally a NO GO!  I know this is the MTB scene but can we keep this old tradition clean and chic, or have we still no since of style in the USA.  Anyway this just rubbed me a little on the wrong side.  Finally were are the damn banners!!!

This one is for Barin and Garros

What is Mountainbiking about? from Filme von Draussen on Vimeo.

This what MTBing is about.

25 April 2011

New Training

Bet you didn't know I had this one.  Yep dug it out of moth balls gave it a good wax job and away we go.  Now that the new profession is in full swing and in a month there will NO commute.  In the sunny morning at 6:am I can hop on the 133 and single speed for an hour and then head to JP's (The french Nazi's coffee shop.  God I can't wait!!!

08 April 2011


The weekend awaits.  The weather is supposed to be dry I prefer a little mud myself.  the map above includes two new sections of pave.  It should a real circus.  Hopefully the grey old man Hincapie gets his due.


04 April 2011

Paris Roubaix

Well gang it is that time of year, my favorite as the queen of the classics is upon us again.  I can't wait!