29 April 2011

Banner Sluts

Geez a two post day.  I saw this on Barin's FB, don't get me wrong some ink on people is pretty cool but on banner sluts this is a totally a NO GO!  I know this is the MTB scene but can we keep this old tradition clean and chic, or have we still no since of style in the USA.  Anyway this just rubbed me a little on the wrong side.  Finally were are the damn banners!!!


  1. You're old.

    After Iowa, I'm just hoping the riders aren't using actually SRAM rear deraillers

  2. Don't judge a book by its cover! I met that girl last summer. I don't remember her name, but she's the daughter of an old acquaintance of mine. She was tending the bar at Diane's Parlor, a local bistro, and she was really cool. I don't have any ink, and don't plan to, but I was really admiring some of her's. She has a great NM Zia sun on her right arm that is beautiful.
    The more I see these podium shots with her and the other, the more I like them. The Gila is not France so no petite blondes. As my friend/co-director Jack Brennan once said, "We are who we are..." The TOG Podium Girls kick ass just like the Gila does.

  3. SRAM stuff...
    A friend started the CtC (Crush the Commonwealth) this morning and was promptly knocked out of the race when a stick destroyed his rear derailleur. It looks like a Shimano from the pic he posted on FB, but can't confirm that right now. I'll find out.
    SRAM saved the Tour of the Gila from oblivion, so hats off to them.

  4. I gotta disagree. The Betty Paige bangs are making my heart race. Hubba hubba.