14 September 2015

Working On It

Things take a little while but the next step is in line.  Off to the finisher.

01 September 2015

I only took ten years.

As some of you know there are two "marks" I really enjoy.  Moulton and Mclean.  This post is about a McLean I have been chasing for 10.  This bike rode around NYC messenger style on the gritty roads for ten or maybe even longer.

Well It finally came me for free.  well free is a misnomer.  This bike was in relative solid condition until it decided to have a fight with a truck.  You can guess who won.  It has been a long time since I fired up the blog but I am going to dedicate some time to this project and to the blog on this.  So here are the first salvo of photos to get us started on the journey of saving this wreck.

Here is how she looked when first spotted in NYC 10 years ago.

And here she is after the frame took on a truck in the city.  Ok I got the frame for free but not really because she needs to go to surgery at the hands of Mr. Russ Denny.

 So now the repairs begin and the story go on.  More to come.......

20 January 2015

Ritchey...well maybe.

Well it has been awhile since my last post ...but who gives a shit.  About a month ago I bought this supposed Ritchey.  Its not, anyway I bought it for 100 bux so who cares.  I called a local frame builder and he quoted me a price for a clean up.  After thinking about it I said I can do this.  So this has become an experiment in fillet brazing. Let see how good I am at cleaning this bastard up.

24 March 2013

Road Trip

As road trips go this was one of the best.  I mean Spring Training.  Watching eight games in four day might not be your cup of tea but it is hard to beat Baseball, Hotdogs and beer in the perfect spring weather of Phoenix, AZ.  I highly recommend this experience not only from the mental aspect but from a spiritual one also.  Nothing like going to your favorite temple, oops I mean baseball park.  I was great sitting and chatting with different fans from all over the country and getting a different perspective on the game as well chatting it up about politics and religion.  And yes no fights broke.  What a country!


16 May 2012

S S Stewart (Cir. 1893)

As some of you know I am a part time practitioner of the plectrum ( 5 string Banjo).  Well in the last weeks while surfing Craigs list I found one the holy grails of 1800's parlor music and the precursor to bluegrass.  The SS Stewart is also the grandfather to well known Gibson banjo played by the now deceased Earl Scruggs.  This instrument was in fair condition and was purchased for a song.  I have torn it all apart and the Chrome on the pot has been cleaned rather nicely for its age.  I am building it to spec so we shall see how it goes.  One thing very unique about these gray ol' ladies is that they are strung with gut not like the modern banjos of today that have steel strings.  It will be very interesting to here how she sounds.  The first photo is a before shot, someone got very active with red paint.  Enjoy.