10 April 2012

DIY Cleats

After a couple of requests about shooting pics of my DIY cleats here you go.  Once I got my fanny in gear this only took about an hour.  Since I am part time carpenter and helping hands at home fixer better known as "honey do's" I had all available tools. Just go down to hardware store and buy a cutting board a get going.  First take your old cleat and use it as a template. Then take the shaper and shave down the front end so you can slide the cleat on to the pedal.  Drill and counter sink your holes for mounting to the shoe and cut the groove so that the cleat can saddle on to  the pedal.  Do not, I repeat do not cut the saddle groove to deep (less than half way) or the cleat will spit in two.  Any way if you have questions or comments just load them on the blog and I will get back to you. They work pretty good and you can like doritos "always make more"

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