02 April 2012

75' Moulton (M 578)

As some of you know I think Dave Moulton in one of the finest frame builders in our time.  One great thing is he still living and riding.  I have managed to locate and purchase on of his oldest frames.  Serial # M 578.  David started building frames under his own name in 1975.  That makes this frame number 78 of that year.  I have collected a number frames and I think this is one of the best.  

I can't wait to build this up and see how she rides.  The Maiden voyage should be very interesting.


  1. Stretch out the build as looong as possible. Then enjoy the ride!!! I'm happy for you. Karma and all, you know.

  2. Jack,
    I really think you leave the paint as is. Although it is very rough, it is the original paint done by me, and as it is a very early frame there will be few like it with original paint making it somewhat rare.
    Dave Moulton

    1. I agree. Jack, listen to the creator, he still has some degree of ownership.