13 April 2012

$35 Day

Well today was very interesting to say the least.  Upon arrival to dump all of my "junk" to my neighbors Charity garage sale the bike gods were in align.  

As I walked in the Garage here is THIS Peugeot with a $35 price tag stuck on it.  I almost fell over.  Well boy and girls it is in the Gabus house hold as we speak.

Ok now what year is it and is it a PY or a PX. Only the Francophiles know.  Those on the list let me know.

1 comment:

  1. French? A slippery slope you're on there Jack. I have no idea what it is. '70-'73.

    Likely PX. I guess someone would have to prove to us that it's a PY.

    All guesses.