19 March 2012

The Road to Foxen hell!

After 80 miles you have approached Zaca Mesa winery on a false flat and you are almost whipped.  Well as you see the riders in the distance they are about to ride into hell.  This is Foxen Canyon in the Santa Inez valley in Central CA. At the end of this road is a 1500 ft climb and it seems to be straight up that is the good news, because 6 miles beyond this is another 1000 ft climb.  That is the signature of the Solvang Century.  It was one of my best rides in a long time and I did it on a Mclean with a 42 front ring and 21 tooth rear block.  That is how I conquered the the road to "Foxen Hell".


  1. I'm a sissy, I like to use the biggest cog my derailleur can handle.

  2. Neil,

    I was jam'n and the bike was as smooth as silk!