16 December 2010

Kareem's Confente

This is the cover pic on Italian Cycling Journal.  Here is the back story he did know when he posted the picture.  Being devoted Lakers fan I thought this was tre' chic!


Pretty sure that is Kareem's frame.Purchased through Hans Ohrt Lightweight Bicycles in Westwood Village, now a Helen's Cyclery.  And not too much later Mario got locked out of his shop.  Built into a bike by me. Almost too long a head tube to use the Campagnolo tool kit to install the head set. 18" seat post by Gilbert Hatton.  180mm cranks.

He rode the bike for all of ten minutes, and under load tried to shift too many at once.  Collapsed the rear derailleur bent the rear dropout.  I straightened it, put on a new mechanism, and gave him some shifting lessons. Nice guy.

Sales price at that time was $1,800 about with tax.  Medium dark blue with gold head tube.  A variation on Bruin colors.  Wilkes also bought a bike there, and Walton bought all the players of the UCLA team custom ordered bikes when he graduated and got his first pro contract. A long time ago.  Kareem's bike may or may not have perished in his house fire.  My college room mate designed the art nouveau stair case railing in that house, pretty wild.

John Jorgensen