12 July 2011

HR 1380

If some of you are wondering why I posted a widget on this piece of Legislation, it is because my lively hood depends on it.  Yes it is a subsidy and we are all against them.  In this case we have 85% of the Natural Gas resources in the world and barely use them.

I am representing a Car made in china that we are converting to Compressed Natural Gas.  If the bill passes the car goes out the door for 9000.00 USD, and in the State of California it get a sticker to in the HOV lane with just the driver in tow, no passengers.  Here in Cali that is worth its weight in gold.  I will swallow hard and hope it passes.  At least we would stop 700B in foreign oil and you home fiill up to boot.

Here is the Auto it is called the Noble.  BTW on CNG it gets 60 mpg and if you use $5 a Gal. as your bench mark the equals a $1.75 per gal. for CNG.  Not bad.

Comments and questions always welcomed.

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  1. I think a well targeted subsidy WITH A DEFINED SUNSET CLAUSE is a useful tool to jump start a desirable new industry. It's the open-ended programs that always seem to bite us in the ass.