02 February 2011


Well sometimes you get lucky.  Awhile back the fam. visited the old country.  We did Demark, Ireland, and London.  Our visit to Ireland was not planned.  So when asked in mid stream, when we were over the great pond we decided to visit.  Our Neighbors is of very big Irish descent.  From Waterford.  It just so happens that their next door neighbor is SEAN KELLY!  yes of Paris Roubaix fame.  Well being a not so shy AMERCAIN I asked if I got one his jerseys would he sign it.  JACK POT.  It was funny everybody else was asking why anybody would want little Sean's autograph.  It is hanging in my little own shrine. 

After that the neighbor's whole Irish family decended on our house a year later.  A family of 14 Bros/Sisters.  All beer drinkers and singers.  Gunnar you should have been there.  Brian sang the Edmond Fitzgerald in perfect Irish Tenor.  It was a thing of beauty.