24 November 2010


Well troops it is that time of year, turkey and football.  During my childhood this guy was God, I mean he was cool hand Luke to me.  A gunslinger with a football.  So I can wait for tomorrow as I will play Johnny U on the beach one more year.  At 9am it is the annual Turkey Bowl at Main beach,  you know flag football with a bunch of old men just waiting to rip up a hammy or watch the young guns blow by me like a jet.  It is always great fun with the wifes as spectators laughing thier asses off at us, and as it comes to an end we all will walk down to the "MarBar" and have a few beers and tell stories like I was Johnnu U.

Anyway to all the gang out there have a great Thanksgiving!



  1. He was, in fact, God. Or maybe Gale Sayers was.

    Back in The Grove, on Sundays we didn't play flag. The wives and mothers shut us down when there were broken bones three weeks in a row. Flag never caught on.

    Sometime I'll tell you about my ill-fated military football career. All I'll say for now is that I was selected against my will because I could run and an officer thought I "looked" like a football player, not because I could actually play the game.

  2. God I hated the Packers. Starr, Brown, Hornug, Nitchkze, Taylor and the Frozen Tundra of Lambeau field.

    I would take Jim Taylor today, still the hardest hitting running back I ever saw. Those SOB's ruined many an NFL Championship for me.