09 September 2010

Lanterne Rouge

The French are an odd lot to say something nice about them.  But here is what really cracks me up about the French and the rest of the Euros.  Do they really care about winning?  Only in the world cup which is supposed to be watched by more people than anything else (except maybe the TDF). they are in the 21st century and the damn tourament did not even have instant replay for god sake.  Isn't it really about the pathos and drama, the rolling around on the ground like your really hurt.  Hell get off the deck and play.  That is why the Lanterne Rouge.  Talk about drama.  Lets celebrate the looser.  Hell why it would be nice if the good Ol' USof A could spend 2 hrs smoking and drinking for lunch, and than go take a nap.  Anyway you can blame Colin Cowherd (ESPN) for getting me on this.  We have it all wrong we need to go back to the days of the "Mad Men", cocktails at the office anyone.  At least in tonights Vikings v Saints game they will be playing to kick some butt and you will even have instant replay.

Here is the other thing that got me, Wikipedia has a page for "Lantern Rouge".  Again let's celebrate the looser.

Enjoy the link.



  1. With a couple of weeks practice you could be really good at this.

  2. Ok, where you going with that comment?

  3. edit looser for loser.
    I agree about the soccer drama queens.
    Saints won btw! Who Dat???