18 August 2010

Jack's Taylor

After Barin introduced me to Steve Garo's site Coconino and seeing the incredible filet brazing work he does I thought about the Jack Taylor that is collecting dust in my Garage.  Along with Garo's site, we had dinner with my neighbor Tanja ( who is British) her father was along for the visit.  He saw the Taylor and we had a discussion that lasted late in the night about the Taylors he had owned.  Needless to say after a few ales with Jerry I have un earthed the frame and in the next months will be a little cronology of its new birth.


  1. Touch-up on the paint? New transfers? Okay, I'll wait.

  2. Decals are already in hand. As for the paint I am patina guy so the green stays put. Barin got my eyes on a Coconino, but Steve does not know. You might want warn him.

  3. He's on the Colorado for a few days. Get your name on the list. Perfect project for next summer!

  4. Barin:

    When I work up some scratch. Most likely need sell of have of my collection. Got a lot of stuff gathering dust and my wife is starting to get cross eyed at me.